This Is Our Fee Agreement

Contingency fee. No recovery = no fee.

Fee Agreement and Authority to Represent
(Please print this, read it carefully, be sure you understand it, and then sign, date, and MAIL to us.)

Authority to Represent

1.We, the undersigned clients, __________________________ and __________________________, do hereby retain and employ Harry Rein JD MD, 1877 Wingfield Dr. Longwood, FL. 32779 and do also retain and employ as additional lawyers on our behalf lawyers chosen by Harry Rein and him on our/my behalf as well as any other lawyers or consultants they choose to engage on my/our behalf, as our attorneys to represent us individually and jointly in our claim for damages.

2.  Such claims may be against the _______________________________, and/or __________________, and/or _______________________________, and/or any of their corporations or professional associations, and/or any other health care providers found to be responsible, and/or any insurance company involved, or any other person, firm or corporation liable therefore, resulting from the injuries sustained by ________________.

3.  We hereby agree that if attorneys are employed or used or contracted by Harry Rein, they will be compensated out of the following fee schedule and there will be no additional fee to the client. Moreover, all such fees and professional relationships shall be consistent with and meet the requirements of all the jurisdictions involved, and their respective highest courts and the applicable professional fee and ethics standards for all jurisdictions involved.

We hereby agree to pay for the cost of investigation and any other reasonable and necessary expenses associated with the handling of the case, and should it be necessary to institute suit, the court costs. As compensation for their services, we agree to pay my said attorneys, from the proceeds of recovery, according to the following fee schedule approved by The Florida Supreme Court and which ever other Court may have jurisdiction over the fee schedule applicable:
A. 33-1/3% of any recovery up to $1 million through the time of filing of an answer or the demand for appointment of arbitration;
B. 40% of any recovery up to $1 million through the trial of the case;
C. 30% of any recovery between $1 - $2 million;
D. 20% of any recovery in excess of $2 million;
E. If all defendants admit liability at the time of filing an Answer and request a trial only on damages:
   (a) 33-1/3% of any recovery up to $1 million from through trial;
   (b) 20% of any recovery between $1 - $2 million;
   (c) 15% of any recovery in excess of $2 million;
F. An additional 5% of any recovery after notice of appeal is filed or post-judgment relief or action is required for recovery on the judgment.

It is agreed and understood that this employment is upon a contingent fee basis, and if no recovery is made, I (we) will not be indebted to my said attorneys for any sum whatsoever as attorneys' fees.
It is further agreed that the law firm is authorized and directed to deduct from the client's net recovery under the foregoing provisions, all medical and hospital expenses and obligations which are owned by the client at the conclusion of the attorneys' services hereunder and remit the same directly to the doctors, hospitals, etc., to whom they are owed.
It is further agree that the attorneys' fees may be divided between the attorney parties to this contract who hereby assume joint and individual responsibility for the representation.
It is further understood that the Harry Rein JD MD may designate attorneys or employees to perform these services.
The undersigned client has, before signing this contract, received and read The Statement of Client's Rights, and understands each of the rights set forth therein.
This contract may be cancelled by written notification to the attorney at any time within 3 business days of the date the contract was signed, as shown below, and if cancelled during that time the client shall not be obligated to pay any fees to the attorney(s) for the work performed during that time. If the attorney(s) have advanced funds to others in representation of the client, the attorney(s) are entitled to be reimbursed for such amounts as they have reasonably advanced on behalf of the client.
If after a reasonable investigation of the claim, the attorneys shall determine that it is not feasible because of the existing law or the facts of the case to prosecute the claim, the attorneys shall have the right to withdraw from further representation of the client upon written notice, either before or after filing suit, and in such event the client shall not be obligated for any attorney's fees. If that were to happen, the client shall have time to find a substitute lawyer and will be given a full explanation as to why we need to withdraw. All our records of the case will be made available to anyone the client selects.

The above employment is hereby accepted upon the terms stated therein.

DATED this _____ day of ____________, 2001.

______________________________________ Client

______________________________________ Client

______________________________________ Approved by Attorney

______________________________________Approved by Attorney

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