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The most important deposition is that of a medical defendant.
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Let Dr.Rein evaluate your case, take discovery depositions of all doctors and nurses,
find and prepare experts, direct and cross examine all doctors and present it to the jury with you.

Dr. Harry Rein can indeed coach you or do the discovery and trial for you personally.
He has evaluated cases, done discovery, taken depositions and helped try cases in most states.
Involvement in medical malpractice cases now total over 12,000.  All were requests for help
such as you may want. Dr. Rein is nationally known for his deposition discovery techniques
and for his cross-examination of medical witnesses.
He has helped and taught thousands of lawyers how to do it and has done it himself.  
The results are extraordinary.

Do you need you case reviewed for negligence, and are the damages real.
Would you like help with the initial discovery deposition of defendants,
cross examination of adverse medical experts, or preparation of your experts.

Results of medical malpractice and substantial personal injury cases depend in large part
on evaluation, selection, preparation, discovery techniques and understanding the medicine involved.
Use this vast experiences and take advantage of medical and legal affiliations developed in 40 years.

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Dr. Rein's Background
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Seminar, Radio and TV Experience
National and worldwide presentations to doctors, lawyers, and universities.

Let me do your discovery depostions.
I have probably deposed more doctors successfully than anyone in the US
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